General's Highway Athletic Association of Annapolis, Rolling Knolls and Crownsville exists to instill leadership and promote the concept of teamwork among our children while ensuring all players gain confidence, build skills, play equally and have fun.

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About Girls Lacrosse

Girls Lacrosse is for teaching young women and girls the competitive game of Girls Lacrosse.  Girls Lacrosse is significantly different than Boys Lacrosse with the primary difference being the lack of body checking.  In fact, contact is not allowed except for very specific cases so this explains why the girls do not suit up in pads and helmets, except for the goaltender.

The game is structured into four age divisions where each adds another layer of complexity to the game.  The first level is called PeeWee and is basically for girls from age 8 through 4th grade.  Here the girls play 8 on 8 with a goaltender and referees but on a half size field.  No score or standings are kept as the objective is to teach the girls the game at full speed.

The second level is Middies and is basically for girls in 5th and 6th grades.  Here the girls play 12 on 12 with a goaltender and referees but on a full size field with slight modifications to the rules particularly in the area of stick checking in order to prevent problems.  At this level the girls are exposed to the full flow of the game but are still learning.

The third level is Juniors and is for girls in 7th through 8th grades.  This level is similar to Middies except there are no rule modifications from what you see in High School.  The objective here is to hone the young ladies skills.

The last level is Seniors and this is for young women who do not wish to participate in High School ball but still want to play.  This is open to all High School students in grades 9 through 12.  To register to play at this level visit the Girls Lacrosse Association of Anne Arundel County (GLAAAC) with web address of  All teams are locally setup and run by GLAAAC from players across the County.