General's Highway Athletic Association of Annapolis, Rolling Knolls and Crownsville exists to instill leadership and promote the concept of teamwork among our children while ensuring all players gain confidence, build skills, play equally and have fun.

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Annapolis Open – Grant Turner Memorial Baseball Tournament


Tournament Information

Last Updated 10 January 2018



The Annapolis Open Tournament is scheduled for the March 23rd-25th and registration will begin November 1. The Tournament fees include.


1.      Two (2) new baseballs per game.


2.      Two (2) umpires per game for 11u through 14u, one (1) umpire per game for 9u and 10u.


3.      'A' and 'B' brackets will be decided when there are 12 or more teams in an age category.  Trophies to be awarded in each age group to 1st and 2nd place finishers of each bracket immediately following the completion of the Championship games.


4.      Rain out Policy: Friday at 6 pm, the day before the tournament, it is the coach’s responsibility to visit this website. The tournament website will be updated for information such as field conditions, changes, rainouts or other information. Coaches please disseminate information gained from the website to parents.


5.      Rainout refund policy: No refunds except for a complete rainout! In the event of a complete rainout then refunds will be given to all paid teams less any incurred expenses.  A withdrawal fee of $75.00 will be charged for any team that withdraws on, or after, March 1, after accepting a spot, regardless of the date accepted.‚Äč


6.      All teams are required to carry with them at all times a copy of their official roster, a copy of each player’s birth certificates and a copy of their insurance.  In the event of a player’s age challenge each team must show the player’s birth certificate. If player is found to be to ineligible the player would be removed from tournament, the head coach will be ejected from the remainder of the tournament. PENALTY: An ineligible player shall be removed from the game at the time of notification. There will be NO FORFEITS because of an ineligible player. A sub may replace the ineligible player if one is available, otherwise an automatic out will take place in the same manner as an injured player.


7.      There is a $50.00 fee to challenge a player’s age, refundable if challenge is upheld. For an unsuccessful challenge the money will be donated to the Grant Turner Memorial Tournament Scholarship Fund. A player’s age cutoff is May 1.